Kamis, 04 Maret 2010

Star Trek Voyager Seasons (1995)

Star Trek Voyager Seasons (1995)
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All seven seasons on 47 discs
The DVD rollout of Star Trek: Voyager continues, with the second season arriving in the more familiar (and more expensive) 7-disc format for a season of a Trek series.

The second season was a heady time for the new Trek series – there’s actually a lot of decent stuff in here, and a few bottom-feeders as well. The August start date, designed to curry loyalty with viewers by getting a jump start on the usual September/August premiere for prime time programming in the fall season, is also a key to why these four episodes were held back: typically, the Star Trek series wrap shooting in late March or early April, and reconvene to film the first episodes of the new season in July. That would’ve given the cast, crew, producers and technical wizards behind Voyager only a month of leeway.

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