Minggu, 15 Agustus 2010

Studio with Composited Stars Trek

Studio with Composited StarsTrek
Studio with Composited StarsTrek
A very interesting clip that shows the bird of prey model hanging in the studio with a slate identify extra (X) 1-1109th scene, but instead of seeing the blue screen stars have been many theories surrounding this clip made in.. The man I think the most plausible is that it was a test to determine how the sample in a spatial context. This photo was made in preparation for the filming of special effects for Dunn TOS episode Balance of Terror Studies. Wah Chang model is suspended in this photo. I do not know if this view sheds light on the debate about the number of birds of prey or models of the lighting model, but is of historical interest and spectacular views. This image is scanned and restored from the original 35-mm clip.

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